Meet Dr. Yvonne Robles Love

Expertise Includes: Post-Traumatic Stress Survivorship, Wellness, and Adult ADHD Evaluation

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    Crisis such as break up of a relationship

    Relationship endings can be a complicated time period and unpleasant at some level for anyone involved.  Love Psychology therapists can help with grief reactions and adjustment to separation, adjustment problems, and mediation.

  • Death of a loved one.

    Regardless of the manner in which we lose loved ones, grieving in the presence of another or with support of others is key.  Situations involving sudden loss due to tragedy, crime and natural disaster may cause a traumatic response.  Dr. Love is an expert in addressing these situations.

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    Life altering events.

    When events or conditions cause a sudden shift in our lives, your mind and body can experience a variety of reactions and sometimes even cause health or other problems. These alterations in our routine experience are often manageable but sometimes can seem overwhelming.  Our clinicians will work with you toward building a repertoire of coping skills to enhance your responses and gain effective means to overcome barriers to success.

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    Loss of a job.

    During these times of economic downturn, a number of people are experiencing changes in the workforce.  Dr. Love’s extensive experience in working with injured workers and persons facing challenging work conditions prepares her to provide consultation in all areas including career counseling.  If you are unsure about what area you would care to grown in professionally, we may be able to help.

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    Couples and family therapy.

    Research tells us that only about half of couples who receive over eight months of couples therapy show improvement in a five year follow-up study.  The other half are split between divorce or remaining with problems in their relationship.  If you both are dedicated to receiving counseling within a discerned approach, you would appreciate Dr. Love’s objectivity and straight talk in these matters.  She does not believe in playing favorites as she understands this negates good outcomes.  She provides couples therapy through techniques from a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach and can assist with relationship concerns of all types. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian or any other decided union, you can receive support with relational issues in a supportive and safe setting.  For issues related to domestic violence, Dr. Love’s policy for initial consults includes meeting with individual members separately to ascertain if couples therapy is a safe and appropriate format.  Family therapy is also offered for those who are disclosing sexual preference for the first time to friends and family.
  • Adult ADHD evaluation.

    Do you have problems with basic activities in school, personal or work areas that need improvement and you suspect ADHD to be the culprit?  Whether you were identified as a child with learning problems or have been undiagnosed through adulthood, there are objective testing methods available to differentiate ADHD of all types.

Dr. Yvonne Love

Founder, Love Psychology Inc.

Ever since she was young, Dr. Love has had a passion for helping people. At the age of twelve she had already decided she wanted to grow up and be a psychologist so that she could help others learn to be happy.


Dr.Yvonne Love is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California. After obtaining her Doctor of Psychology at the (APA accredited) California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno, California; she completed a postdoctoral Masters Degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology at Alliant International University, San Francisco.  Dr. Love’s interests and experience include training and education regarding underserved and Latino populations, as well as psychological intervention, consultation, and assessment services for adults and adolescents in diverse settings. She has provided psychotherapy to adolescents and adults that suffer from various psychiatric disorders, to adults who present with work related injuries, and for medical patients presenting with complications resulting from co-occuring medical conditions.  Consultation and assessment services include primary care behavioral health interventions as well as medico-legal evaluations determining disability related issues, worker’s comp and personal injury cases.  She is fully bicultural and bilingual (Spanish).

Services Offered:

Specialty services include consultation and treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Practice emphasis includes diversity Issues, health psychology & stress management.  Psychological Assessment, Personal Injury Evaluation, Independent Medical Evaluation, Immigration Evaluation, Qualified Medical Evaluation, and Expert Witness services offered.


Adults with general concerns (ages 18-99), military families, LGBTQ community, raver culture, new mothers with post-partum depression, monolingual spanish speakers, and most trauma survivors.

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